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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tis the season

Now is the time in which we have a chance to show our true colors.  We have an excuse, a chance, an opportunity to practice what we really want to be.  We all carry an ideal "me" inside.  Now is the time to really try and be that person we admire and wish we could be.  Why not make an effort during this time of forgiveness and rebirth?  Why not choose to smile at strangers and help them with their packages instead of walking by as they struggle?  Why not open the door for someone you don't know and let them ahead of you?  Why not tip a little more and help those that help us?  We all have so many gifts and blessings!  We certainly have enough to share with someone who does not have enough!  Shouldn't we be willing to give to those Salvation Army folks who stand in the cold and wish us a happy holiday instead of rushing by trying not to make eye contact so we don't have to put money in their little pail?  Why not celebrate what we have right now and be thankful for it, and not begrudge giving a little of it away?  Can you imagine the eyes on the child who gets to sleep in a warm bed for the first time in months?  Or the happy tears of a father who is able to give his family a warm dry room again?  Or the joyful hugs of a mother who is able to give her children a warm nutritious meal?    How is it that we try to avoid eye contact with something like that?!  Instead of judging those in need, why not open up a little.  Yes, they may be a troubled soul who will squandor our generosity, but then again. . .

Now is the time to shine.