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Thursday, June 17, 2010

An act of God

Photographer: Larry Maras

This evening, a huge rumbling storm rolled in, and in a sheeting downpour the power went out throughout our little hamlet. This meant no lights, no internet (yes, it was out too), no television, no stereo. My teenagers were beside themselves. I went about getting some candles out and lighting them to bring some light to our very quiet home.

As I sat , putting together some silver and crystal accents for our dining room lights (something that didn’t need too much light or electricity), I wondered at the immediate slow life that surrounds us when we reduce our lives to just us. It brought me back to a much slower time when we weren’t so hooked up. Imagine no computers, no mp3 players, or phones in our pockets, only 5 channels on television, and no texting! My daughter and I sat out on our porch, watching the storm pass and wondered at the golden-yellow clouds with bumpy undersides that followed. This is a time that both my daughter and I will think back on in years to come with wistful fondness. This was a memory that we both just shared.

I would like to purposely have these kind of moments more often.  Moments that I will remember and cherish.  Moments that won't go by in a blur of electricity and technogadgets.  Moments that won't take an act of God for me to take notice!