V ä v a! V e v e! weaving cloth one thread at a time

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Here are some examples of my past work.

 This weaving is woven in a Krokbragd structure, which is a Norwegian weaving structure. It is done in wool with a cotton warp. This weaving entailed throwing the shuttle 3 times to acheive one row in the design. It is therefore a very dense weave.
My inspiration for this project was my Norwegian heritage. The piece is called "Norway" and is 6"w X 16.5"h and is a landscape. At the top of the weaving you can see the blue sky with a few clouds. Moving down you can see snow capped mountains, caribou, and some trees as one progresses down the mountain. Perched in the hills is a sod roofed kirke or church. And finally, in the foreground are men and women in traditional costume.
This is a detail of the women in traditional costume.

Here we are looking at a detail photo showing another weaving in wool with a linen warp done in the Krokbragd structure. This weaving is actually about 23" wide and almost 8' long. The photo only shows a small portion of the entire weaving. The weaving is a study in color.

***********NEW TOWEL LINE!!***********
This is my new towel introduction. This towel design is called "Lake". It is a twill weave in 100% linen. It is a wonderfully luxurious towel with an elegant hand. This is my spa sized towel measuring 22" w X 40"l.

This is a detail photo of the twill structure towel in linen

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