V ä v a! V e v e! weaving cloth one thread at a time

Friday, January 30, 2009

Our Mission
At v ä v a! v e v e! our intent is to inspire joy and delight through simple, elegant designs by using the earth’s fibers of linen, cotton, wool and silk in designing and weaving impeccable textiles, while attempting to tread lightly on our planet.

v ä v a! v e v e! will continue to evolve in a renewing atmosphere that encourages flexibility, flowing communication and a most awesome creativity. We hope to create an atmosphere where we understand that each of us, like our textiles, is valuable, irreplaceable and requires treatment with respect and honor. We want to take this attitude forward and outward to families and friends, and bring peace and well-being to those we encounter in our community and beyond.

Who we are

v ä v a! v e v e! is a premier weaving studio specializing in high-quality, hand-woven "earth-fiber" home accessories in linen, cotton, silk, and wool.
In addition to the flagship assortment of textiles made up of table linens, blankets, pillow covers, bath and spa towels, and rugs; and apparel such as scarves and shawls, v ä v a! v e v e! is considering selling Swedish and Norwegian weaving yarns of linen, cotton, wool and silk.

The studio is owned and operated by Marian Quanbeck Dahlberg, weaver and teacher of fiber arts.


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