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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chapter 2 - Photos

Of course, in my youth, I had very little access to a camera.  And my older sister is the keeper of the family photos.  I shall have to make a point of getting to her house to go through some of the photos that would support my written thoughts.  But for now, here are some old photos that I rescued from the basement.

Christmas was always an event in our family.  And my parents supplied the town and neighboring communities with our  usual ubiquitous photo Christmas cards.  When I was old enough I got to use a sponge to wet the stamps and apply them to the envelopes!  It made me feel very important!  The address list was pages long, going to everyone in the congregation, friends, our extended family (a small suburb unto themselves!), neighbors, and co-workers.  They would be stacked on our formal dining table for at least a couple of weeks, which was incredibly long since my mother was quite determined to get projects done once she started them!

Billy, my best friend and next door neighbor, relaxing with me while we have some cake on his front steps.  He made the campfire.  I made the structure at my feet.  Perhaps even at 6 years old I was already demonstrating a perceptible architectural direction. . .or is it an innate interest in things natural?

My confirmation.  Eighth grade!  What an uncomfortable phase to go through!  I remember being so self-conscious then!  And there are my mom and dad, mom in her straight skirts and high heels, and dad in his older dress clothes probably feeling pretty dapper in that gold short sleeved shirt!

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