V ä v a! V e v e! weaving cloth one thread at a time

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I have arrived!

I am speechless! I am reeling from the news that I just received. I was just notified that I have been accepted into the 2010 American Craft Council Show in St. Paul! This is such an honor!! I have often gone to the Am Craft shows and have been bedazzled by the beauty, the imagination & creativity, the sheer skill of the crafts-artists who are allowed into the show. The bar is set very high, and the jury that reviews thousands of applications from around the country are very particular! So after pulling myself together after reading the notification and jumping up and down and dancing around the room, screaming with delight, I realize that I have my work cut out for me! This is HUGE!! And I have to live up to the standards that have been set by artists before me! Whew! I have to go weave and settle down!


  1. Marian,
    Congratulations on this lovely honor. You deserve to be proud. Good luck!