V ä v a! V e v e! weaving cloth one thread at a time

Monday, May 17, 2010


Art-A-Whirl was a blur of a weekend with people coming to my studio!  There were hundreds of people out for this event, and over 250 artists opening their studios to let folks come and see how things are crafted.  It was so delightful to meet and greet so many enthusiastic and curious people!

I had my studio open, and people came to see me weave, with my computer aided AVL loom!  For most people it was an astouding piece of technology that had them fumbling to get their heads around it, while others could see the mechanical sense to it all. 

People were enthralled to see me weave and then to be able to touch and examine a completed weaving.  Lots of oohing and aahhing.  Lots of printed material handed out.  Lots of questions answered.  Lots of people I had the good fortune to meet!

I barely had the chance to meet any other artists, however, since the flow was pretty intense and constant.  But I did get a chance to meet a fellow artist whose artistic talents are rather unique.  His name is Brian Jon Foster and he works with and creates art from Linoleum tile!
His pieces are colorful, exuberant, whimsical, and bouyant!


I was intrigued with his work!  And so was the Walker Art Center, the Minneapolis Institute of Art, and the Minneapolis College of Art and Design to name a few!

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