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Friday, April 23, 2010

By the way, I did end up finding my wallet

As it turns out, I had lost my wallet at the RiverCentre when setting up my booth space for the ACC Show, without even knowing that I had.  So for a whole few hours between the 3 am escapade to the 24 hour Walgreens and the start of the show, I worried about where I could have lost my wallet, or worse, who could have stolen it!?!  But it did not take all my attention, being that the show was my very first ever show and having never done this before, I was required to pay attention!

Minutes before the start of the show, I was standing at the back corner of my booth, double checking that the few towels that I was able to weave were all hanging straight, and that the pens were all aligned with the edge of the table. . . okay, . . okay, yes. . .that's a bit over the top.  I didn't really do that. . . well, yes I did. . .along with making sure that the Post-it notes were aligned with the pens. . . but I do get nervous for major events in my life (for which this show qualified in spades) and the way I calm myself is to make sure that everything is in it's place.

So let's just say that I was making sure that everything was in it's place, when SUDDENLY! a hand appeared through the drapery at the back corner where I was standing!  And again, just as suddenly, a face appeared!  There we were, nose to nose for a nano-moment!  Then I jumped out of my skin and back 3 feet!  A pretty young woman was on the other side of the drapes holding my wallet!  My startle morphed to an almost head tilting puzzlement.  What the. . . ???  What was she doing with my wallet??!!  With confusion clouding my brain, I just stood there, dumbstuck.  She said, "I believe you dropped this?"  Still, I just stood there.  "I think it must have fallen on the floor yesterday and been kicked into my booth area."  she said helpfully.  I finally shook off my paralysis, and ventured, "Oh!!!  My wallet!!"  Then, words gushed out, "Oh!  ThankyouthankyouthankyouTHANKYOU!!  I thought I had lost it or worse, that someone here had stolen it!"  She handed the wallet to me and said, "You're most welcome!" and disappeared with a smile.  I quickly checked to see if any money was missing or any cards.  It was all there.  And then I felt guilty.  Why had I automatically jumped to suspicion in spite of the fact that this wonderful person had just handed me my wallet, when in fact there was nothing requiring her to do this except her own conscience??  And wouldn't that same conscience be afflicted with the same guilt if she had only taken part of the contents of my wallet, rather than the whole thing??  Why couldn't I have just accepted the wallet without attaching suspicion to it?  Why do we all have to be so suspicious of others??

And then, fortunately, that moment passed as I thought briefly about that old adage about looking at the teeth of a horse given as a gift??   "Oh! NEVERMIND!!"  I said to myself.  "I'll think on that another day.  Today I have a show to do!"  I had gotten my wallet back!  Complete!  My heart soared realizing that there are people out there that do have scruples!  Today I had experienced the very good side of human kind!  I didn't need to look any deeper than that!  Today, through one person's simple honest act, I had felt hope for humanity!  What a great start to my first show!

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