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Monday, April 19, 2010

ACC Show - St. Paul, MN

After coming out of the deep coma of exhausted sleep that is only experienced by complete novices of the art circuit, I realize that I will have to work on toning my show muscles for my next show!  What absolutely physically and emotionally draining work!  I think I was that tired once in my life, after working by myself for endless hours on making rock steps carved into the hill leading down to the shore at our cabin on a particularly warm and humid day.  Or maybe it was the few weeks leading up to the ACC show when I was weaving round the clock trying to get some inventory woven so I would have something to show in my booth!!  I was falling alseep at my loom while weaving!! 

But even though exhaustion plagued my physical and emotional self, my spirit soared!  There I was, booth 408, rubbing elbows with long-time fiberartists like Randall Darwall and Brian Murphy, randalldarwall.com, and meeting greats like Tim Harding, http://www.timharding.com/!!  Shelley Tincher Buonaiuto, http://www.alittlecompany.net/, was directly across from me!  I was awestruck by the talent that was within the walls of the St. Paul RiverCentre.  Stunning work everywhere I looked!  And there I was in the middle of it, wondering to myself if I belonged!  But as the show progressed, I found that visiters did indeed consider me to be part of the talented elite!  Words like beautiful, inspired, elegant, stunning, creative, and unique fell on my beseeching and grateful ears.  Who needs sleep?!  Who needs sustainance for the body when one can have this 24 carot food for the spirit?!!

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