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Monday, November 1, 2010

Did you all know that there is an election going on tomorrow?

It is always good to have good strong healthy opinions, no matter what they are. It is also good to be able to have a say in how the opinion of someone else impacts each of us. We need to ensure that the power of our voices is not eroded or worse yet, voted out of existence by politicians who have corporate agendas as their priority rather than that of the People! No matter what you have to say, whether for or against whatever issue there is . . . you need to let your opinion be known!

I have been politically apathetic too much of my adult life. I always felt that my vote had no power anyway so why even vote?  When (and if) I went out to vote, I wasn’t prepared. I was so confused about the issues and distracted by the mudslinging, that when the time came to vote, I didn't have a clue.  Many of the names on the ballots were strange to me and I had no idea how they stood on different issues. I remember one time I was so befuddled I voted because I liked the way a name sounded. Most of the time I just leaned heavily on the party line, trusting they would represent my opinions and beliefs. But all this time I have failed myself and my country. I have failed because I was just not motivated enough to learn about the issues, and hoped that someone I was voting for would know my mind and do my bidding without my having to do a thing! Here I was being given choices, and I was too busy and [tired, uninformed, unmotivated, uninvolved, uncaring, unresponsive, oblivious . . . ] unprepared to take a moment to vote and alter history and its impact on me, my children and my as yet, unborn grandchildren!

Now, FINALLY, as a mother and a business woman, I cringe at my past behavior! How could I let just anyone get elected and expect my concerns to be addressed??! Why did I risk the development of everything around me; the government that controls my neighborhood, my city, my county, my parks, my streets, my taxes, my schools (where our real treasures go to learn)?? Why did I leave it all to chance?? Wouldn’t that be like hiring a caregiver for ones child without interviews and background checks?? Or maybe it would be like hiring a person to be in charge of your finances, house, business, or other critically important aspect of your life without meeting them or reading their resume! That would be just plain reckless and negligent, right?? So why don’t people take voting as a grim and serious responsibility. Why is it that so many people see it as optional?? Remember, complacency will only deliver our freedoms, our interests over to people who WILL take action, and it most likely will not be in OUR best interest!! That is how we have gotten to where we are! Too many people assuming our government leaders will just take care of us without our having to do anything.

Well, it is NOT optional!! It is everyone’s DUTY to vote!! Not only that, it is everyone’s duty to vote in an informed way!! There is to be NO 'throwing darts' at the ballot form to help in making your selection! Do your research!! Be informed!! Yes, things are much more complicated than they used to be.  The issues are much broader, deeper, reaching further and weaving into other issues, etc.  But it is still so important that we take responsibility and educate and inform ourselves about the issues, and their impact on our daily lives and the lives of those yet unborn.  We can't do this while we are standing in line at the voting center. It is becoming more and more imperative that we all need to educate ourselves about the issues and participants ahead of voting day and then we need to get out and vote!

We still can be that great nation that Lincoln referenced in his Gettysburg address. We can still revive that awesome country where the government is again "of the people, by the people, for the people”! We can again have a government that will actually do the things that are in OUR best interest instead of the interests of rich corporations who are paying big money for lobbyists to sway politicians. But we ALL need to get out Tuesday and every election day and SAY SOMETHING OF SUBSTANCE!!!!

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