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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Slow it down!

Do you think that if we 'slow' down enough, we will not only see radiant beauty surrounding us, but will discover true meaning as well?  Slowing down, breathing, meditating, appreciating . . . all are the beginnings in the journey to healthy spirituality.  I feel there are 3 primary areas that make up each of us.  Our physical self, our emotional (mental) self, and our spiritual self.  All three together define who we are.  Each of these three selves needs balance and health for us to remain truly healthy.  If any of these areas is not 'fed' something healthy and conciously maintained, it will grow weak and frail.

The challenge is finding that balance that allows health to flow freely between all three areas.  The phrase, "Moderation in all things." comes to mind.  So, I need to boost up my moderate exercise just a bit, and maybe meditate more, but work less. . . be with my kids more, clean my house more, be on my computer less . . . slow down more, breath more, waste less. . . drink more water, eat less ice cream, hug more, drive less . . . garden more, eat more vegetables, heat and cool my house less . . .

Okay.  WAIT!  This is what gets me all messed up.  I need to start out with moderation too, yes?  How about I just look at the clouds in the sky as they skid across the afternoon sky, and breathe.  SLOW it down!

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